The Mother Herlinda Moises Foundation is a catholic Non-Profit Organisation. Since 1965 we work in various villages in the regions near the Diquecanal ant the bay from Cartagena. Based on the social problems in Colombia our current focus is on the prevention of violence and the establishment of peace. We try to accomplish that with help of the various pastoral and social projects so we can contribute our part to restore the peace in Colombia.



In this area the Mother Herlinda Moises Institution is performing a full service on the first awareness level, which is supposed to base on a policy of humanization. The aim of our service is the realization of a better life for the inhabitants of Pasacaballos and the regions that border on the Canal of Dique. Up to now our greatest success was the setting up of the medical center Monseñor Rubén Izasa Restrepo…For more information click here.


According to our idol, our founder, we want to use education as a mean against poverty. The Mother Herlinda Moises Institutuion built up various programs: for the (re-)entry in school or for strengthening the comprehensive development of our beneficiaries…For more information click here.


20150215-dsc02321Cayambé is a project of arts and values with the goal to create a culture of peace and conflict resolution. With Cayambe we try to teach children and teenager their culture and history in form of traditional dances and music to help them identify with their roots…For more information click here.


dsc_2193Since 2012 more than 300 children profited from the project Construyendo Valores. In this program we establish and restore values and teach respectful interaction with other human beings to children, teenagers and parents…For more information click here.