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Project Emergency-Toilet

General information:
Project Emergency-Toilet was started by German and Austrian volunteers in 2008 and had been continued ever since. The toilets are built in the Barrio Madre Herlinda, the poorest part of Pasacaballos. People there live with their big families in small simple wooden houses in very harsh conditions. Nowadays hundreds of families still live without a toilet and are forced to go a nearby field to ease themselves. That is not only uncomfortable and degrading, it also comes along with serious health risks. Especially kids suffer, due to the horrible hygienic condition, from several different parasitic disorders, such as the scabies. Because of poverty these parasites are often not treated sufficient which is why they are able to spread easy.

The Barrio Madre Herlinda

The armed conflict in Colombia was settled not long ago. Ten thousands died and besides all the pain it created 6.7 million internally displaced persons. In the year of 2008 around 300 families settled down at the edge of Pasacaballos in extreme poverty. Although their living conditions have continuously enhanced, problems as criminality, unemployment, illiteracy, prostitution and child labour are still part of their daily lives.

The project’s Plan

The material expenses for one toilette (brick cesspit, pipes and toilet bowl) are around 160 Euro but are of priceless value for the families. This year we set the goal to build toilets for at least 10 families.

To achieve this goal, we need your help! You can decide yourself what you want to do.

1. Become a sponsor:

You or your group can donate the amount for one toilet for a certain family. Afterwards you will be provided with more certain information as well as recent updates about the status of the progress.

2. Donate your individual amount:

You can decide what amount you want to donate. You will afterwards be provided with general information about the families, which you helped to enable a toilet.