Intervention Areas

Since 1965 the Mother Herlinda Moises Institution is working in the following areas:


In this area we try to improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries. This aim runs through all our fields of work. We carry out projects for economical self-preservation and land purchase, where we are already able to record clear progress regarding the social structure in the communities we are working in. Furthermore our aim is to improve the political and democratical relations of the leader of the communities, in order to make another big step towards peace.

  • Microcréditos y Bancarización (“Microcredits“)
  • Liderando procesos (“Leading processes”)
  • Sembrando ciudadanía (“Spreading nationalities”)
  • Apoyo a unidades productivas y asociativas (“Support of fertile investments”)
  • Tejiendo vidas – Construyendo paz (“Weaving life – establishing peace”)
  • Pan para los hambrientos (“Bread for the starving people”)
  • Fortalecimiento Institucional (“Strenghening institutions”)



In this area the Mother Herlinda Moises Institution is performing a full service on the first awareness level, which is supposed to base on a policy of humanization. The aim of our service is the realization of a better life for the inhabitants of Pasacaballos and the regions that border on the Canal of Dique. Up to now our greatest success was the setting up of the medical center Monseñor Rubén Izasa Restrepo. With our very good qualifies and competent employees we want to fulfill all of our patients’ needs since 27 years.

The staff of the medical center works for the healing and prevention of illnesses. This is realized in different ways:

  • General medicine
  • Vaccination
  • Support with high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Supervision of physical/mental development and growth
  • Screening of pregnant women
  • Respiration therapy
  • Cytology

Moreover we offer different kinds of physiotherapy, laboratory diagnostics and dentistry:

  • Program of nutritional support for pupils and young adults regarding lunch
  • Forjando esperanza “Project for the prevention of sex tourism”
  • Creciendo juntos “Program for the prevention of teenage pregnancy”
  • Project for nutritional support for pupils and young adults regarding breakfast and lunch
  • Binom Madre e Hijo “Supporting pregnant teenagers”
  • Realization of a fundamental plan for the support of health, prevention of disease surveillance and supervision of all factors that could influence an individual, the community of the Corregimiento Pasacaballos, other spheres of influence or the south-western region of Cartagena



Regarding this area the Mother Herlinda Moises Institution wants to establish values that base on humanity and Christianity. The aim is an experience with Jesus Christ, brother and friend in life and history. With this experience we are able to discover and receive the love of God and lead a life with love, origin, peace and fraternity afterwards. Our pastoral work is an all-embracing area that affects every single project. It refers to activities that we realize institutionally and in cooperation with our beneficiaries.



According to our idol, our founder, we want to use education as a mean against poverty. The Mother Herlinda Moises Institutuion built up various programs: for the (re-)entry in school or for strengthening the comprehensive development of our beneficiaries. These programs are:

  1. Madre Herlinda Moises School: since more than ten years the school is located in one of the poorest parts in Pasacaballos. There is a preschool-class with thirty girls and boys between the age of four to six as well as a school program for parents
  2. La Puente está quebrado “The bridge is broken”: More than hundred children profit from this program as all have been excluded from the school system. We want to help the children and teenagers to get rid of their problems and reenter school with the same level of knowledge as peers
  3. Construyendo sueños “Building dreams”: Regarding sports we use the methods of soccer on the path to peace. As the most popular and loved type of sport, soccer serves as a motivation for solving conflicts and supporting peace
  4. Cayambé “School for the support of art and values”: The project is supposed to stress the big importance of culture for social development and furthermore support quality in order to avoid violence and establish rights

Apart from that we lead many different projects, for instance:

  • Supporting reading out loud “El Bibliopickup”: This project includes a range of pedagogical speeches for the animation for and support of reading out loud. The transversal dimensions of the project are supposed to support a culture of peace and solving conflicts
  • Environment “Ecoeficiencia”: The aim of this project is the increasement of environmental awareness of the beneficiaries in our various projects. Ecoeficiencia completes our work in all different areas, since the realization of recommended environment aims is part of every single project.