Who are we?



Since the Mother Herlinda Moises Foundation was founded in 1965 the work of the Institution was heavily influenced by the motto “For the glory of God and the wellbeing of the people”. Today we put a lot of effort in the establishment of peace and the support of people that were victimised in the armed conflict here in Colombia. We are in a time were the armed conflict in Colombia is getting solved, why the prevention of violence is one of our mayor priorities. Other very important aspects in our projects are education, health, recreation and culture. With the influence of pastoral work we try to include each and every Colombian in the process of peace. And this is exactly where the Mother Herlinda Moises Foundation sees its purpose. We use projects for intervention and prevention in order to contribute to this country`s intense desire for peace.


We are a social, human and Catholic Christian institution. We give our best to contribute to the social development in from the armed conflict affected communities and use education and evangelizing in order to serve “For the glory of God and the wellbeing of the people”.


Our vision is to support where the people need it the most. We try to teach spiritual and ethical values, in order to help people become independent of social welfare. This way we are trying to help people in long term.


The aim of the Mother Herlinda Moises Foundation is to improve the quality of living in both a spiritual and financial way.