Members of staff

In 1965 the Mother dsc_0898Herlinda Moises Institution was founded by the Franciscan  nun María Herlinda Moises, who was born in Austria. Together with Colombian, German and Austrian volunteers she founded the Institution. For 51 years we have been able to get experience in social and pastoral projects as well as development work.

The head of the Mother Herlinda Moises Institution is lead by an general meeting and a commitee. The administration includes the management and many departments or areas with various employees.

In the following there is a list of all the people who are integrated in the work of the Institution:

Legal Representative

Reinhold Dietrich Oster (

Margaretha Moises (

Irina Florez Herrera (

Katrina Olivo Carreazo (

Area of social development and projects

Alba Rodriguez Castellar (
Social Worker

Angelica Granados Muñoz (

Yesica Camargo Calabria (
Social Worker

Area of pastoral work

Kelly Rivero Alvarez (
Coordinator of pastoral work

Area of health

Heydi Gomez Morales (
Head of the medical center

Area of education, sports, culture and environment 

Angel Escorcia Marrugo (
Cultural manager

Samira San Martin Arteaga (

Carlos Julio Castilloa (
Football coach

Other employees

Fermina Magallantes Castro

Nancy Perez Martinez

Ubaldo Marrugo Julio

Gregorio Llerena Fontalvo

Medardo Franco Perez

Claudia Paternina Caraballo