The Mother Herlinda Moises Voluntariado 1Foundation is a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) with more than half of a century of experience. In the last 50 years and with the help of international volunteers the foundation could grow into the institution it is today. As a volunteer in the Mother Herlinda Moises Foundation you will be an active part, of the social and pastoral work the foundation does, in the regions near the Dique Canal and the Bay of Cartagena.

The voluntary work our volunteers do is a very important part in achieving the goals of the foundation. Meanwhile the volunteers can be part of an intercultural exchange, gain experiences and acquire useful know-how while working in a new environment.

Here are some examples how the volunteers support the Mother Herlinda Moises foundation:

  • The volunteers support the office with the administrative work of the foundation, for example help with translations into English or German.
  • They support the teacher with the pedagogic work in the preschool, with the schoolproject „El puente está quebrado“, with homework or help to create a calm and productive climate in the class and the break and various other things.
  • They work with the football team of our project “Construyendo Valores” by assisting the coach.
  • They support the projects “Creciendo Juntos” and “Construyendo Sueños” by taking photos.
  • They accompany our pastoral workers in our missionary projects and take photos in the villages Lomas de Mantunilla, Puerto Badel and Bocacerradda.
  • They help the project “Cayambe” by taking photos.
  • The volunteers are also the responsibles of social media and the foundations website.

In addition the volunteers can start new projects and propose their own ideas or continue projects of other volunteers.

Voluntariado 2